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Dr. Ajith C. S., Ayurvedic physician from Kerala, the southern most part of India, which is considered to be as the 'cradle of Ayurveda'. He graduated his Ayurvedic studies from Dharma Ayurveda Medical College in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. He did Ayurveda Panchakarma Technician course at Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda Hospital, Thrissur.

After graduating, he began his career on a renowned Ayurvedic Hospital & Yoga Centre as Medical Officer for 2 years. Later he started working in Europe since 2012. He is following classical methods of diagnosis and treatment of diseases based on the principle, that body, mind, and spirit are interrelated and imbalance in any one of these hampers the physical and mental wellness of the person. 

Professionally, he is performing Prakruti analysis - pulse diagnosis, BP Check; and other ashtavidha diagnosis methods as per ayurvedic concept and managing them effectively. Managing medical/health problems presented by patients by history taking, diagnosis, investigation, and advise on foods, herbs and lifestyle.

He advise appropriate Herbs for management of medical condition. He prepare suitable plans for the patients as per their condition and schedules Ayurveda packages such as Rejuvenation & Detoxification treatment techniques etc.

He also promotes health education through various in-house seminars and out-house activities.

Throughout his career he gained experience in treating various health conditions like Arthritis, Stress, Neurological complications, skin related issues such as Psoriasis etc.

Personal quote:

Me and my experience in Ayurveda, together with my team promise each and every guest that we will bring out the best in Ayurveda, that will be effective to cure your disease and you will feel the blessings of nature, the ultimate ''AYURVEDA'', the science of life.

DEGREE B. A. M. S. (2010) Completed Four and half years & One-year Internship from  Dharma Ayurveda Medical College, Tamil Nadu. 

PRE-DEGREE From E. M. G. H. S., Ernakulam 

SSLC From T. D. H. S., Ernakulam 



Conducted seminars on various topics of Ayurveda. Currently handling a team of 6 members

THERMANA & VEDA AYURVEDA CENTRE, LAŠKO, SLOVENIA. Currently working as Ayurveda Physician  from November 2012. 


CARE AYURVEDA HOSPITAL, ANCHAL, KERALA. As Medical officer for 4 months. 

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