Bucharest, street Jimbolia, nr. 40, Sector 1
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KIDOPTIK is a modern clinic of pediatric ophthalmology and adults ophthalmology located in a quiet place in Bucharest,Sector 1.

Our ophthalmologists are highly trained in Romania and abroad and have been attested by the American Academy of Ophthalmology.They have been additionally trained to examine infants and kids strarting from 6 months of age.The environment is very children friendly and the atmosphere relaxing and joyfull.

We offer a wide range of special investigations in Ophthalmology like glaucoma investigations, retinal screening and of course ,eyeglass prescriptions for adults and kids.

Moreover,we have an extremely wide range of eyeframes for kids and adults and very fair prices!

Our personnel is fluent in English,Italian and French so you will feel at ease when visiting us!

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Bucharest, street Jimbolia, nr. 40, Sector 1

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