Via Emilio Praga, 26 - 00137 Roma
GVM Villa Tiberia Hospital
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A multi-specialty hospital focused on early diagnosis and prevention, as well as minimally invasive surgery thanks to its advanced technology. Its excellent clinical results are confirmed by collaborations for many medical specialties with prestigious universities and hospitals: Università of Tor Vergata, Policlinico Umberto I, Policlinico Tor Vergata, Ospedali di Monterotondo and Tivoli, Campus Biomedico, Ecampus-Jean Monnet of Bari. The facility has 132 beds, 6 operating rooms for major surgery, 2 awakening rooms, 1 room for endoscopic examinations and an outpatient dialysis center (15 stations + 2 for AU positive patients).

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Via Emilio Praga, 26 - 00137 Roma

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