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GVM - Clinica Privata Villalba
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Located in a quiet area in the Bologna hills, Clinica Privata Villalba began its activity in 1966. It has been part of GVM Care & Research since 2000, which launched a reorganisation process, projecting it to the centre of the private healthcare scene in the Bologna area. The hotel-like comfort aspect was improved through total renovation in 2006: the available surface was doubled while the number of beds - 71 - remained the same. In 2010 Villalba continued to make innovations in its equipment, purchasing one of the most advanced CT scanners in the world (640 slices), which makes it possible to obtain high quality images with drastically reduced diagnostic times.

Clinica Privata Villalba - Via Di Roncrio, 25 - Bologna

Clinica Privata Villalba also has a complete and innovative Diagnostic Imaging Service:

MRI 1.5 Tesla with Ambient Experience audio/video tools that offer greater patient comfort and reduce anxiety)

640-Slice Dynamic Volumetric CT with 3D reconstruction

Bone Densitometry (CBM)

Orthopantomography (OPT)


  • 1st visit Cardiology 100 €
  • 1st visit Dentistry 100 €
  • 1st visit Gynecology 100 €
  • 1st visit orthopedics 100 €
  • Breasts & Gynecology - Woman, age less than 50 900 €
  • Cardiology - Woman / Man 250 €

Additional services


Transfer from airport to hospital100 €

Transfer from hospital to hotel100 €



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Via di Roncrio, 25, 40136 Bologna BO

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