Viale Magna Grecia, 62 - 74121 Taranto
GVM Citta’ di Lecce Hospital GVM Care & Research – presidio casa di Cura D’Amore
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A multi-specialty hospital with 50 beds recognized as one of the best centers in Italy for oncological surgery, such as thyroid, parathyroid, colon and in particular breast cancer, because it offers women a complete diagnostic and treatment pathway, from medical imaging and biopsies to ablative or conservative surgery and subsequent breast reconstruction via adipose-derived stem cells (lipofilling). Together with Città di Lecce Hospital it is also renowned for thyroid and parathyroid surgery in general, using minimally invasive techniques thanks to the latest technology such as the harmonic scalpel or lasers for thermal ablations.

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Viale Magna Grecia, 62 - 74121 Taranto

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