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GOOD CELLS is a Ukrainian innovative medical company with a super-powerful biotechnology laboratory, clinic, and team (Formerly ilaya.regeneration) Our specialists (doctors and biotechnologists) have been successfully working in the field of cell therapy for more than 10 years. We produce different biotechnological products and use them in programs for the treatment of more than 100 diseases, rehabilitation, and anti-aging programs. Good Cells today is a large biotech products factory and clinic with an individual approach to each patient. The first online consultation is always absolutely free. Our patients have the best medical solutions.

We consider any medical cases, we solve non-standard and complex medical problems using biotechnological solutions. For example, atrophy or partial atrophy of nerves, infertility of uterine genesis, complex pathologies of neurodegenerative diseases, etc.



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03115,9 Ivana Kramskoho st. Kyiv

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