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European Parkinson Centre
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The center is a world leader, for people with Parkinson’s in the early stages of the condition and their families and provides for practical solutions and effective therapy

Situated in the pretty Alpine Spa town of Boario Terme, near to the major Airports of Bergamo, Milan and Verona.

The main languages of the centre are English and Italian              A world class Parkinson Centre

European Parkinson Therapy Centre

(EuPaTh) is a no profit association

Created through International co-operation and managed by experts and people with Parkinson’s and governed by


– Members of the association’s board of control

– EuPaTh Board of Management

– International Scientific committee


The European Parkinson Centre fills an important gap in Parkinson care, focusing on the earlier stages of the condition and works closely with Universities, National associations and Hospitals and is recognized for it’s 4 pillars protocol, one on one therapy and unique understanding of Parkinson’s as one of the founders, Alexander Reed has Parkinson.


The European Parkinson Centre believes that People with parkinson deserve better care and information using a multi level centered approach.


Parkinson effects the family and the family is part of the solution and should be involved.

We are normal people with extra difficulties, we are not victims.

We should have dignity and respect, eat well, and enjoy therapy not suffer it. A hospital is for sick people, we are not sick.

We deserve more and we need explanation as well as therapy. We need a way forward.

We should not be pushed from clinic to hospital but therapy should revolve around us.

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Via Provinciale 38 25055 Pisogne BS Italia

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