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DigestMed will provide you with a team of doctors who have extensive experience and expertise in the field of digestive diseases. Our physicians are open to communicating with patients and are setting up with you the development of an optimal therapeutic strategy according to your expectations and your health.

Why DigestMed?

We perform in a pleasant and welcoming environment and put a special emphasis on hygiene and cleanliness, providing our patients with complete safety, comfort and medical services at a high-quality standard. 

Each and every patient is important to us and we strive to respect the appointment time. However, the planned time may be offset due to cases that may require more detailed investigations than planned at the time of scheduling.

In each specialized section of the DigestMed clinic, our patients are informed about the investigations they are about to perform and their questions and concerns about their health status will promptly be answered .

DigestMed will provide you with a medical team composed of professional physicians with high expertise in the field, who, following the performed investigations, offer the patients a fast and efficient treatment, specific to the needs they meet.



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