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The Rizzola private clinicv was founded in 1946 by dr. Filippo Rizzola, then a doctor taken to Musile di Piave, solely with the intent to create a hospital institution that could bring relief to the sick.

The first venue was "Villa Bortolotto" which after a few years and following a first series of modifications and extensions was called "San Donà di Piave Nursing Home". Later in 1960 in memory of the son of dr. Rizzola, Sileno and his wife, who died prematurely, were given the current name.

Over the years the structure has been considerably expanded with the construction of a new monobloc which, while maintaining the number of beds unchanged, has brought high hotel comfort in the hospital rooms.

The pre-existing building was also renovated in order to allow a modernization of the 5 operating rooms and a more appropriate distribution of the spaces destined for the outpatient clinic which would allow the architectural barriers for the disabled to be completely abolished.


The Rizzola Nursing Home is now a well-established reality of the Sandonatese health care and more generally of Eastern Veneto.


Located in the center of San Donà di Piave, surrounded by a large park, it is an accredited health institution that provides diagnosis and treatment services both in hospital and outpatient conditions. Its geographical location in the city center makes it easily accessible both by public transport, as it is about 100 meters from the local bus station and about a kilometer from the railway station, and by car with the possibility of stopping in public parking lots adjacent to the structure.


The Rizzola Nursing Home has a total of n. 123 accredited hospital beds divided into four areas: Surgical Area, Geriatric Area and Rehabilitation Area, Intensive Care Area (Sub-intensive therapy).


There are also the following services: Diagnostic Radiology, equipped with Computerized Tomography (CT), Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (MRI) and Ultrasound Diagnostics; Analysis Laboratory - Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation as well as a modern Polyclinic.


The Nursing Home guarantees, through its organization of inpatient areas, services, clinics and with the coordination of activities by the Health Director, maximum safety in the medical and surgical treatment of cases treated both in hospitalization and on an outpatient basis, pursuing the objective of the highest quality of care for the patient, with adequate environmental comfort and in compliance with the fundamental principles of equality, impartiality, continuity, right of choice, participation, efficiency and effectiveness that have always distinguished it.

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  • 1st visit Cardiology 100 €
  • 1st visit orthopedics 100 €
  • cardiological check up 900 €

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Transfer from airport to hospital100 €

Transfer from hospital to hotel100 €



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Casa di Cura Rizzola, Via Gorizia, 1, 30027 San Donà di Piave VE

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