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About one million people in a year choose to go with medical tourism.

 Turkey is ranking number 3 in healthy tourism.

 We use the latest technology for Hair Transplantation Treatment Treatment.

 We offer best price and finance options for Hair Transplantation Treatment Treatment payments.

 Hotel and airport is free when you buy Hair Transplantation Treatment Treatment.

(valid for patients travelling from abroad.)

 We are not a medical tourism office; we are a hospital.

 Fast healing option for Hair Transplantation Treatment Treatment.

How is Hair Transplantation Treatment to be done?


Hair transplantation; It is performed by an experienced and professional team consisting of specialist doctors, anesthesia technicians, operating room nurses and other technicians in the operating room environment.Hair transplantation; The results are very satisfactory when performed under physician control, under appropriate physical conditions and using advanced techniques.

To whom is Hair Transplantation Treatment could be applied to ?

Hair transplantation treatment can be applied to anyone who feels the need for this condition.

Why is recommended Hair Transplantation Treatment ?

Hair transplantation treatment is preferred by individuals who need aesthetic and dynamic appearance.

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  • Hair Transplantation basic 1800 €

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