The  priority  of  Robotic  Orthopedic  Surgery   Center  is  to  provide  patients  in worldwide  with  the

cutting - edge technology and advanced technique with the upscale quality health care.

Robotic Orthopedic Surgery Center was established in 2016 under Turan Turan Health Group  by

Orthopedic  Surgeon  Kayhan T uran  who  has  taken  several firsts  with  25  years  of  experience  in

orthopedics, in Bursa Turkey.

All of our specialist surgeons and medical professional staff are constantly improving themselves

with Continuing Education Programs (CEP). Our doctors become specialists in sub- branches of

orthopedics (spine  surgery, foot,  ankle,  hand, shoulder, knee,  joints, sport  orthopedic,  pediatric

orthopedic,  trauma  surgery,  arthroscopic  surgery)  with  CEP.  We  provide  the  highest  quality

service to our patients with the advanced technology, patient - oriented medical approaches and

CE certified global products.


Orthop edic subspecialities:



  Sports Surgery

  Hand Surgery

  Foot and Ankle Surgery

  Spine Surgery

  Pediatric         Orthopedics

  Regenerative Orthopedics

  Bacteriophage Therapy

  Limb Lengthening

  Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation