Palazzo della Salute (Health Palace) is a unique and innovative wellness clinic dedicated to your beauty and

well-being with a 360 degrees service in the heart of Milan. Here we create a new, innovative and multidisciplinary

path with a mission of restoring the pleasure of being in harmony with yourself.

Conceptually unique on the Italian medical landscape, the wellness clinic offers a holistic approach against acquired

and congenital disorders and imperfections that can compromise psycho-physical well-being. Outstanding

results are acquired using high-quality treatments, minimally invasive therapies, advanced technologies and

know-how of medical professionals of the first hospital group in Italy.

With the use of modern technology Palazzo della Salute performs personalized outpatient services as well as a

wide range of cosmetic and dermatological procedures, such as body remodeling, skin rejuvenation, tissue regeneration,

treatment of inflammatory states, improvement of dental aesthetics, nutrition planning.

Palazzo della Salute is a place where balance, well-being and harmony meet.